Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice
One pound of beef chuck chopped meat
1 cup of chopped small onions
1 cup of chopped small green pepper
1 box (14 ounce size) Minute Rice
Tablespoon of Butter
4 Cups of tomato sauce (your favorite jar sauce)
2 Cups Boiling hot water

In Frying Pan on stove:
Brown One Pound of Beef Chuck Chopped then put into a pot
Next, in Frying Pan, Brown 1 Cup of Onions and
Brown 1 Cup Green Pepper..when browned, add the onions and pepper to the pot with the ground meat.
Brown One Box (14 ounce size) of Minute Rice in Frying Pan (I add about a tablespoon of butter and brown the rice on low or medium heat)

Add rice to pot that has the green peppers, onions and beef already.
Put 4 cups of tomato sauce (I use any good jar sauce)into Pot.
Then add 2 cups of Boiling water to pot.
Mix well over heat. Let stand about a half hour. Rice is done.

This is my Mother in Law's recipe. It is delicious! :)