Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homemade Pretzels

I found this recipe and made them for my preschool class last year. The children loved stirring and measuring and then kneading the dough and shaping it into letters. When I made them last I just rolled out pieces the size of a cheese stick and they plumped up nicely in the oven.

1 1/2 cups Warm Water, NOT HOT!
1 Tb. Sugar
1 tsp. Salt
1 packet yeast
4 cups Flour
1 egg
coarse salt

Measure 1 1/2 cups warm water, 1 Tb. sugar, 1 tsp. salt and 1 packet of yeast. Pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir. Add four cups of flour to the other ingredients, and mix thoroughly. Remove the dough from the bowl and knead it on a floured tabletop. Knead until smooth. When complete pull off a piece of dough and shape it any way you would like. Place the shapes on to a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Brush the pretzels with the beaten egg and sprinkle with coarse salt.

Bake at 425° for 12-15 minutes or until they are golden brown. Let cool before eating.

I like to serve these pretzels with honey mustard sauce, or ranch dressing.


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  1. Oh!!!! I have been waiting for this one!!!
    Can't wait to try it! Thank you! :)
    They look soooo yummie!


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